Red-tailed Chipmunk

photo by David Seibold CC BY-NC

Red-tailed Chipmunk are larger (8-10 in long) and more brightly colored than other chipmunks and can be found in the forested regions of the Rocky Mountains from southern British Columbia and Alberta to northern Washington, Idaho, and Montana. They have alternating light and dark stripes on their face and back. Their shoulders and sides are reddish in color and the underside of their tail is brick red.

Red-tailed Chipmunk are most abundant in forest openings or edges where there is lots of shrubby undergrowth. They collect fir seeds, fruit and seeds from bushes, and leaves and flowers, storing their food in underground holes. Once the hole is full, they cover it, and rake the soil over top of it.

Could it be? Least Chipmunk are smaller and not as brightly colored. Yellow-pine Chipmunk are a little smaller and not as brightly colored.

Did you know? Red-tailed Chipmunk roll and rub themselves in the sand to clean their fur.

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