Mew Gull

photo by Mick Thompson CC BY

Mew Gull are one of the smallest (16-18 in) white-headed gulls. They are common along Pacific coast beaches in winter and can be found year-round along the coast of British Columbia and southern Alaska. They can be spotted in northern British Columbia and Alberta during migration and breed in the summer in Alaska, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and the far north of British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Gulls are long-winged, white birds with gray and black markings. It can be difficult to tell them apart as they take up to 4 years to develop their adult plumage. In addition, gulls often mate with each other, so there are hybrids with characteristics of two species.

Mew Gull have an unmarked yellow bill, yellow legs, and black wing tips with white spots.

Did you know? Mew Gull often perch in Spruce trees and may even build their nest in trees.

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