Cabbage White

photo by John Flannery CC BY-ND

Cabbage White butterflies are a common sight in backyard gardens as the bluish-green caterpillars with light yellow stripes particularly enjoy nibbling on plants in the mustard family (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli). The upper wings are white with black tips and 1 (male) or 2 (female) black spots. The underside of their wings is yellowish-gray. They have a wingspan of 1.25-2 in.

Cabbage Whites are one of the first butterfly to appear in the spring and can be found in almost any type of open area. They are particularly abundant in urban and farmland areas.

Did you know? Cabbage White butterflies were introduced in Quebec in the 1860s and have since spread across North America. They can be found from Nunavut to northwest Mexico.

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