Great Spangled Fritillary

photo by Anita Gould CC BY-NC

Great Spangled Fritillary are medium-sized (2-4 in wingspan) butterflies. The males are bright orange, while the females are yellow-brown. They have black markings on the upper surface of their wings and a wide, pale band and large silver spots on the lower surface.

The caterpillars have orange spines on a black body. After hatching from eggs, the caterpillars overwinter and don't become active until the spring.

Great Spangled Fritillary can be found in most parts of North America although they avoid very hot or very cold areas. They prefer moist areas, such as well-watered gardens or beside streams, and can be found in both open fields and wooded areas.

Did you know? Without Violets, there wouldn't be any Fritillary Butterfly as the caterpillars only eat violet leaves. The butterflies are much less fussy and enjoy nectar from many different plants.

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