Azure Butterfly

photo by Andrew McKinlay CC BY-NC

Blue Azure Butterflies can be found in almost all parts of North America apart from the Arctic. There are many different species of these small butterflies (1-1.5 in) that can be found in open woodlands, urban gardens and parks, or marshy areas.

When Azure are flying, you see the light blue upper surface of their wings. When they are perched, you see the bottom of their wings, which is gray.

Azure Butterflies lay their eggs on shrubs. The caterpillars, usually green, eat the flowers and developing fruit. After a winter hibernation, the butterflies emerge from their chrysalids. Different species emerge at different times. Spring Azures are the first to appear from April to mid-June while you'll spot Summer Azures in July.

Did you know? The caterpillars of Azure butterflies are often tended by Ants who provide some protection in return for eating a sweet liquid secreted by the caterpillars.

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