White-crowned Sparrow

photo by Andrew McKinlay CC BY-NC

White-crowned Sparrow (6-6.5 in long) have a gray breast, a black-and-white striped head, and a pale beak. They prefer open areas with trees or shrubs nearby.

White-crowned Sparrow spend the summer in Alaska, northern Canada, and the mountains of British Columbia, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Birds along the Pacific coast and in parts of the western interior don't migrate.

Could it be? White-throated Sparrow have a white throat and a yellow patch beside their eye. House Sparrow, introduced to North America in 1851, are chunkier (6-6.7 in long) with a shorter tail and stouter beak.

Did you know? Most White-crowned Sparrow migrate at night. Females tend to winter farther south than males.

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