Pacific Dogwood

photo by Andrew McKinlay CC BY-NC

Pacific Dogwood is a showy tree very common along the Pacific coast of southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California. The Dogwood is covered with large greenish-white flowers (not really flowers but bracts) from April to June. The 4-6 petal-like bracts (1-3 in long) appear before the leaves. The tree may bloom again in late summer.

Clusters of red berries appear in the autumn, and the leaves turn pinkish-red to yellowish-orange before falling.

Pacific Dogwood is a medium-sized tree (50-65 ft tall) and may look like a bush as it can have more than one main trunk. It has oval leaves with pointed tips (2-4 in long) in opposite pairs and smooth gray bark.

Did you know? Birds, Beavers, and Bears (Black Bear, Grizzly Bear) feast on the berries while deer nibble on the young twigs.

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