Bur Oak

photo by Mary PK Burns CC BY-NC

Bur Oak can be found farther north than any other American oak. It has a straight trunk and is often as wide as it is tall. Bur Oak grows in the open, away from dense forest. It can grow up to 100 ft tall; however, northern and eastern trees are shorter and shrubbier than those in southern regions.

The leaves are 6-12 in long with deep, irregular lobes. They turn yellow-green or yellow-brown in fall and may stay on the tree into the winter. The large acorns have cups with a fringed border and provide food for many mammals and birds including White-tailed Deer, Squirrels, Ducks, and various species of Rodents.

Did you know? Bur Oak can resist forest fires thanks to its very thick bark. It can also tolerate drought as it has very deep roots.

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