Tufted Fleabane

photo by Andrey Zharkikh CC BY

Tufted Fleabane is a short plant (up to 12 in) with many hairy stems and white to light-purple flowers. It often forms large clumps and grows best in dry, grassy areas. It can be found in western Canada and the United States and flowers from May to June.

Numerous narrow petals surround a flat yellow center with 1-3 flowers per stem. Long, narrow leaves are clustered at the base of the plant.

Could it be? Philadelphia Fleabane is similar but has a tall, single stem and clusters of small flowers. Fleabane flowers earlier than Aster and has more petals. Daisy petals are notched.

Did you know? Tufted Fleabane's roots contain a turpentine-like oil that protects the plant from disease and grazing animals.

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