photo by Andrew McKinlay CC BY-NC

Huckleberry is a name given to various small shrubs bearing red, blue, or black berries. Huckleberry can be found in the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska as well as the coastal plains of northeastern Canada and the United States.

There are both evergreen and deciduous varieties. The bushes (1-6 ft tall) have small, rounded oval leaves that are often thick and leathery.

Huckleberry flowers in early spring, bearing fruit in mid- to late summer. Western Huckleberry has single berries that dangle below the leaves on new shoots. Eastern Huckleberry has clusters of berries. Blueberry has clusters of fruit on old growth.

Did you know? Huckleberry is often found growing from rotten logs or stumps, indicating that a bird has perched there to eat the fruit and spread the seeds in its droppings.

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