Highbush Cranberry

photo by Steve Burt CC BY-NC-ND

Highbush Cranberry grows in moist areas of North America's boreal forest. A large shrub - 8-15 ft high and almost as wide - it has large (2-4 in long), 3-lobed leaves that resemble maple leaves but are more wrinkled. The leaves are glossy green in summer turning red in the fall.

The flat, umbrella-shaped clusters of white flowers can be seen from May to July. The clusters of red berry-like fruit ripen in late summer and have a musky odor. The fruit is an important food source for over-wintering birds as it is available all winter long.

Did you know? Highbush Cranberry belongs to the Honeysuckle family (Twinberry Honeysuckle, Twining Honeysuckle) and is not actually a cranberry, unlike the true Lowbush Cranberry.

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