Fawn Lily

photo by Andrew McKinlay CC BY-NC
Glacier Lily

Avalanche Lily, Glacier Lily, Trout Lily, Oregon Lily, Snow Lily

Ten different species of Fawn Lily can be found in North America’s Pacific Northwest. Four of them can be found in British Columbia. The plants have large, fleshy leaves. 1-3 flowers dangle from curving stalks (6-12 in high). The petals curve backward to expose the stigma and anthers.

Yellow (E. grandiflorum) and white (E. montanum) glacier lilies are found in mountain meadows at higher elevations and bloom shortly after the snow melts in the spring. They have green leaves with no markings.

White (E. oregonum) and pink (E. revolutum) fawn lilies appear at lower altitudes and have green leaves with blotchy or striped markings. The pink ones grow in moist woods or along streams, while the white ones grow in well-drained, open, grassy areas.

Did you know? The bulbs are a favorite food of Grizzly Bears and Black Bears, while Elk and Deer enjoy the leaves.

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