photo by Pdreijnders CC BY-SA

American Mink

Mink live in forested areas near streams, rivers, marshes, or lakes. They have long, narrow bodies and a long, bushy tail (total length of 26-30 in). Their thick, chocolate-brown fur with a white chest or chin patch is water resistant. They have short legs and very small ears. They can be found in Canada and in the east and central areas of the United States.

Mink spend a lot of their time in water and are very good swimmers. They can dive to depths of up to 16 ft. They're also very good at climbing trees and at jumping from tree to tree. They eat small animals, preferably Muskrat, as well as birds, frogs, and fish. They are most active at dusk and dawn.

Mink use scent to mark their territory and live alone except when mating. They often make their home in abandoned burrows or muskrat dens.

Could it be? Weasel are smaller than Mink. Marten spend much of their time in trees in northern evergreen forests.

Did you know? Mink often kill more prey than they can eat, storing the surplus for later.

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