photo by Larry Lamsa CC BY

Badger have short, stout bodies (22-30 in long), short legs, and long claws for rapid digging. They have a long triangular head with a tipped-up nose and small ears. They have grayish-brown fur on their back, a black face with white patches on the cheeks, a white stripe along the nose to the shoulders, and dark feet. They prefer open grassland with sandy soil and can be hard to spot as they are active at night.

Badgers have excellent vision, sharp hearing, and a strong sense of smell. They eat small prey and are powerful diggers, easily tunneling after rodents and snakes. They also dig large underground tunnels and burrows where they sleep, store food, and raise young.

Did you know? Badgers don't hibernate, but they do conserve energy by becoming much less active in winter.

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