White Pasqueflower

photo by J Brew CC BY SA

Western Pasque Flower, Western Anemone

White Pasqueflowers bloom soon after the snow melts in the sub-alpine meadows and slopes of the Pacific mountains. They are low, bushy plants (6-24 in high) with hairy stems and leaves. The light green, finely-divided leaves emerge from the base of the plants after the flowers.

The flowers are creamy-white (1-2 in wide) with a pale blue stain on the underside of the petals. The seed heads appear in mid- to late summer and are formed of long, white, feathery strands resembling a mop on a 20-in stem.

Did you know? White Pasqueflowers are known by many different names, including Old Man of the Mountain, Moptop, and Tow-headed Baby.

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