Early Blue Violet

photo by Peter Stevens CC BY

Hooked-spur Violet, Western Dog Violet

Early Blue Violet is common across Canada and in the northern and western United States. This small plant (4 in high) can be found in open woods, meadows, and grasslands, flowering from early May to June. It has a cluster of dark green, heart-shaped leaves (.5-1 in wide) at its base and multiple flower stems.

The bluish-purple flowers (.75 in across) have purple streaks on the 3 lower petals and a white beard on the two side petals. A long spur at the back of the flower may be slightly hooked.

Northern Bog Violet is taller with larger leaves and grows in moist areas (beside streams or ponds).

Did you know? When the seeds are ripe, the seed pod splits open and the seeds spill out in all directions. The seeds make tasty snacks for Ants who carry them away to good growing areas.

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