Downy Yellow Violet

photo by Kara Jones CC BY-NC

The Downy Yellow Violet grows in shady, forested areas. It is 6-18 in tall and wide with heart-shaped leaves (3 in wide) with jagged edges and clearly visible veins. The leaves and stalks are often hairy.

The Downy Yellow Violet is a spring flower (.75 in wide) with 5 bright yellow petals. There are several brown or purple lines on the lower petals.

The fruit, an egg-shaped capsule (.33 in long), turns brown and splits into 3 sections when ripe, shooting the seeds several feet from the plant.

Did you know? Downy Yellow Violet attracts a wide variety of bees. The seeds are eaten by various birds, while the leaves and stems are eaten by small mammals and the Wood Turtle.

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