photo by Dann Thombs CC BY-NC

Adult Spittlebug are hard to spot as they are small (.25 in long) and jump or fly very fast when disturbed. However, you have probably spotted the white frothy masses of foam on plants and bushes that surround and protect immature Spittlebug from other insects.

Spittlebug are common throughout North America. They prefer warmer climates, so you won't find very many in northern Canada although they can be found in Alaska.

Spittlebug suck plant juices with their needle-like mouthparts. Meadow Spittlebug usually feed on leafy plants, while Western Pine Spittlebug feed on conifers and neighboring plants in western forests.

Did you know? Newly-hatched Spittlebug are very active, clambering over the plant or dropping to the ground as they look for a good place to feed.

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