Evening Grosbeak

photo by Cephas CC BY-SA

Evening Grosbeak flock to bird feeders and trees with berries in winter. Males are yellow and black with a large white patch on their wings. Females and young birds are light gray with a yellow collar and small white patches on their wings and tail. They're chunky birds (6.5-8.5 in).

Evening Grosbeak eat insect larvae in the summer and seeds, buds, berries, and small fruit in winter.

Evening Grosbeak can be found year-round in British Columbia, northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, eastern Canada, and the western mountainous areas of the United States. In winter, they can be found in the southern Prairies and most parts of the United States. Large flocks occasionally travel south in winter looking for food.

Could it be? American Goldfinch are much smaller with smaller, darker bills. Female and immature male Pine Grosbeak have shorter, darker bills and lack the boldly patterned wings.

Did you know? Evening Grosbeak's thick, cone-shaped beak is very strong and can crush large seeds, such as cherries and olives.

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