Wild Bergamot

photo by Andrew McKinlay CC BY NC

Bee Balm

Wild Bergamot is a member of the Mint family. Its pinkish-lavender flowers look like ragged pompoms at the top of 2-5 ft stems. It flowers from June to September in dryer areas, on waste lands, and woodland borders throughout most of the United States and Canada.

Wild Bergamot sends up multiple leafy stems in a tight cluster, giving the plant a bushy appearance. The stems are square and the gray-green, hairy leaves have jagged edges and are 1-3 in long.

Wild Bergamot is a favorite of bees and butterflies, but herbivores usually avoid it as the oregano-mint flavored leaves can cause indigestion.

Did you know? The Indigenous peoples of North America had many medicinal uses for Wild Bergamot, from curing headaches to relieving the symptoms of colds and fevers.