photo by Ryan McGuire CC BY

Katydid are medium- to large-sized insects with long back legs that are good for jumping. They are usually green with brown markings and are well camouflaged to blend in with the plants around them. Their body is thick and taller than it is wide. Some species have wings that resemble leaves.

Unlike Grasshoppers, Katydid have long, thin antennae that reach back as far as their abdomen. The adults of some species can fly. The male's front wings have special structures that can be rubbed together to make sounds.

Katydid usually eat leaves (although a few species eat insects) and can be found wherever there are lots of plants to eat. Some species are active during the day, but most are nocturnal. Many species live in trees.

Did you know? Females are usually larger than males and have a long sharp structure at the end of their abdomen that they use to insert their eggs into the ground or plant stems.

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