Mountain Goat

photo by Tony's Takes CC BY-NC-ND

Mountain Goat live on steep, rocky cliffs and ledges high in the mountains from Alaska and Yukon through British Columbia and Alberta to Washington, Idaho, and Montana. They can sometimes be seen beside the highway in mountainous regions.

Mountain Goat are 3-3.5 ft tall with a long, thick coat of creamy white fur. They have a long, narrow face with beard-like hair on their chin and a short tail. Their horns are shiny-black, slender, and point backwards.

Mountain Goat can jump up to 12 ft in a single leap. They eat grasses, herbs, lichen, and twigs.

The females spend most of the year in herds with their young. The males are more solitary. The goats mate from November to December and the young are born in late May/early June.

Could it be? Bighorn Sheep have large curving horns and gray-brown fur.

Did you know? In winter, Mountain Goat move to south/southwest-facing slopes and windswept ridges where it will be easier to find food.

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